Tuquchuyani Republic

Long ago, almost all of southern Arcadia was dominated by the Tuquyani – wicked owl people who, through the help of great magics, the peaceful resolution of internal conflicts, and the absolute enslavement of every people they met, created one of the most sophisticated imperial cultures the world has ever known. Then they were overthrown. The revolutionaries ditched the racial domination, while keeping the planned economy and bureaucratic apparatus, and have struggled with mixed success to hold onto the high culture.

The Tuquchuyani metaphor for their basic social contract is the “marble pavilion” – literally, a structure with no ceiling but a solid floor (as long as you don’t wander off, in which case there may be a steep drop.) In exchange for absolute obedience to her government in all things – her profession, her residence, the ideas she is exposed to, and, of course, her laying down her life in the Republic’s defense when necessary – a citizen is promised “the marble floor” (she will never be homeless, or hungry, or excluded from participation in ordinary social life) and “the open sky” (the ability to ascend as high in the bureaucracy, or other institutions of special competence, as her drive and abilities permit.) Citizens are raised in crèches by professional childrearers, and while they fall in love as fully as anyone else, there is no marriage, and couples know they can be broken apart by contrary assignments – the prospect of families and kinship networks tend to be seen as proto-racist threats to meritocracy and state unity. In practice, some of the more important bureaus and institutions have emerged as independent power bases, especially the magical academies, but so far they are able to cooperate well enough in practice.

So unlike the Andorans in terms of government power and ethnic inclusion, the Tuquchuyani are similar in their fundamental (if very different) egalitarianism – and in their conviction that their way of life is worth expanding by bloodshed if necessary. Various factions within the state apparatus are divided on whether to pursue trade or war with New Cheliax, with the stalemate currently settled on a compromise position of autarky. The doves argue that the Republic would be in a poor position to make a military confrontation, and might even be conquered itself if it is not willing to reorient its economy towards the production of cash crops for Avistani consumption (probably through New Chelish middlemen,) and are sending out feelers into the colonial business community about arrangements for mutual benefit. The hawks sense that the former Tlecaxeca hinterland is ripe for better governance and are sending out scouts there, as well as to various places in order to lessen the technology gap between themselves and the colonists. Promising contacts have already been made with the communist state of Bachuan in Tian Xia, which possesses advanced alchemical knowledge and is mostly ideologically sympatico, except on the crucial matter of religion (the Tuquchuyani being extremely pious.)

The Tuquchuyani Republic is largely tropical highlands and is to the south and southwest of New Cheliax.

Tuquchuyani Republic

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