New Andoran

Andoran colonists, like their counterparts in Avistan, believe in democracy and freedom. The colony has very little in the way of central government, and is certainly not taking any orders from Andoran itself, but local government is very strong indeed – citizens take active part in vigorous, raucous town hall meetings where they demand accountability and the highest of standards from anyone in a position of responsibility (usually chosen by lot, although sometimes by election.)

Just as in politics, in economics too the Andoran colonists believe in a strong combination of self-sufficiency with egalitarianism, with every family provided enough land to take care of their own needs and maybe sell a little extra at the market, or capital enough to run a small trade – the thought of being dependent upon a government, or a private employer, is odious to them. For that reason, too, slavery, serfdom, and every kind of personal dependency other than that of children to parents (and even there, children can get away with a lot) is vigorously uprooted. Men and women are equal; and if you preface your name with a noble title you’ll get laughed at, if not run out of town. The New Andorans tend to despise privileges and luxuries, taking pride in being hard farmers rather than soft city slaves, but are otherwise a fun-loving lot: they appreciate earthy humor, blasphemous jokes, public dances, and a good stiff drink.

If you ask a New Andoran how they keep this society, to which they are so strongly attached, they’ll say it depends on two key factors:
• A continuing supply of available land (and New Andorans, whose working folk are probably healthier and better-fed than those anywhere else, have a lot of children,)
• A population who loves liberty over luxury and will do anything to protect it (and New Andorans do not regard other cultures as liberty-loving)

The Andorans, then, wage a constant war of expansion. They take no prisoners: that would simply be an incentive to create a new class of slaves, after all, as in so many conquests in history. Instead, they simply wipe out whomever lacks the good sense to flee. Since life without liberty is worse than death, and no one other than they are free, they like to claim (whether sincerely or cynically) that this is a favor.

New Andoran is mostly cleared temperate forest and to the north of New Cheliax, expanding westwards into the Welenia Confederacy.

New Andoran

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